June 2017

Well the weather has certainly been hot enough for us all I think! But then the horse flies are out with a vengeance – I have been bitten through my breeches this week. Really strange, whilst I was pregnant they didn’t bother me at all, but since having my baby I have become appetising again!

We have a beautiful baby boy in our family – born on May 16th – much to our daughter’s disgust at first as she wanted another girl she could dress up! She has gradually come round to the idea of a brother instead.

I was so thrilled to be able to ride again, having had to give up much earlier this time around. It feels great to be back on a horse. I have a horse in for training at the moment and am enjoying that and also hacking out on the horses at the yard.
I am getting back into teaching again, having had a couple of weeks off. Nice to see my Pony Club clients last weekend. I have been helping Louise Danton at competitions on her horse Blue River Cocktail, she has qualified him for the Regional Championships, so it’s been useful to take him out to different venues recently. So nice to see all my clients doing well with their training at the moment and hopefully everyone will have a good summer.

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