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Back to competition!

Having not competed since before having a baby last May, I was thrilled to get back out onto the competition circuit recently. I have really missed competing and having worked really hard over the winter schooling the horses on the yard, I thought it was about time I saw what the judges’ view was!
I have had Alice Ash’s 2 horses on the yard for several months, so took Snow Patrol out for his first Advanced Medium at Stourport Riding Club. It was a bitterly cold day but what a lovely venue this is – plenty of parking and a great cafe with a view of the tests going on in the indoor arena. I was very pleased with his score of 68.8% and 1st place. Louise did extremely well also in the Medium on Blue River Cocktail (stable name Winston).
A few days later we were at Rodbaston College with Alice’s other horse Viper – his first outing at Advanced Medium and a score of 70.29% so another excellent result. Louise did well again here on Winston winning the Medium class overall.
Just before the “Beast from the East” arrived with the snow storms I went with Louise down to Wellington Riding so she could do her Medium Dressage to Music class on Winston as she has qualified him for the Winter Championships Area Festival and wanted a practice run. Despite a few technical hitches with her music CD she scored over 65% which is very encouraging for the Championships in April.
I am planning to take my youngster Jessie (show name Infinity) owned by Karen Goulding out soon just to ride around at a venue and see how she reacts (I may need a parachute!) I have been doing lots of strengthening work with her over the winter so it’s time to take her out and about.
The snowy weather badly affected my teaching so I’ve had to try and make up for lost time this week and hopefully that is the last of the snow and ice. It would be lovely to see some spring sunshine!