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Summer Update

Apologies first for the long gap between Blog updates. I took a couple of months off at the beginning of the year after the birth of our baby daughter. My aim was to get back to work in March but chose the wrong time as we had the worst snowfall of the winter! So everything put on hold for a couple of weeks. Finally got back into the saddle and it felt great!
Now we’re trying to deal with this heatwave. This has been a really tough time for both horse and rider trying to school and compete. Hopefully the normal summer weather will resume soon and we can all cool down.
First of all, congratulations to the Wheatland Pony Club for their recent success at the Area Dressage Championships, with 2 of their riders qualifying for the major Championships at the end of August. All their training and hard work has paid off – just as exciting for me as their trainer as for the riders!
A couple of my clients have qualified for the Regional Championships this summer – results to follow!
It has been a busy spring/summer, with lots of horses in for schooling. Very pleased that the owners are so happy with the results. Also I have a horse in to prepare for sale at the moment. If you are interested in any of the services I offer please contact me and we can discuss rates. I am always on the lookout for new rides too at any level, so contact me if you have a horse you would like competing.
As for my competing, I have qualified Alice Gough-Wilson’s horse Viper II for the Regional Championships at Medium Open level. Also qualified Louise Danton’s young horse Brownscombe Francisco for the Area Festival Novice Open. Narrowly missed out on qualifying him for the Novice Regionals as we started too late to get enough qualifying competitions under our belt. But there is no point in pushing a young horse and I feel there is plenty yet to come from him. Hope to get out there and qualify for the Winters.  Definitely one to watch for the future!
Recently taken another client’s young horse, Hermani, out at Novice Open level. He is showing a very trainable attitude and has won both his classes with 67%. So important in a horse’s training to let them experience different venues and build up confidence.
Sadly, I have to report that Woody, my Grand Prix hope, has been sold as a schoolmaster. A very difficult decision for Claire, his owner, and myself to make but the right one for Woody. I know he has gone to a good home and his new owner is thrilled with him, she is already learning so much.
Trying to update my Results page but have had a few issues with BD as they have been crediting the competition results to the owner of the horse and not to me, the rider!  Hopefully this will be sorted out soon.
In the meantime, wishing all my clients the best of luck for the rest of the summer!