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March Update

Hi All,

Wow, what a mixed bag these past few months have been! My competitions went well, Bernini did a great advanced medium and came third amongst good company. Bam Bam was fab on his first outing, getting 68% in the first test and 75% in the second at novice, winning that one. Resulting in a write up in the horse and hound! Vanessa was thrilled with him, he behaved impeccably so we couldn’t have asked for any better.

Then…… february ended badly. I was out hacking aroung the farmers field when the horse spooked and spun, coming down on top of me. I got up straight away when to catch her and felt fine. Then as I began to walk home I reaslised I was struggling to breathe and my shoulder was agony. This then ended up with me being air lifted to Cheltenham Hospital. After many x rays, scans and doctors later, luckily I was only discharged a day later with cracked ribs and soft tissue damage to my shoulder. Phew! Still this has kept me off a horse for 1 month.

Today I rode for the first time, wow what a fantastic feeling it is to be back on again. It’s the longest time I’ve been off a horse in 6 years and I intend to not let it happen again!

Meanwhile I attended the Young Professionals Final at Talland on Monday 7th March. A well deserved winner in Laura Jarvis. It was a great day and actually very nice watch with no nerves at all! I wish Laura the best of luck for this year, and hope she manages to do all the things she has planned for the coming year.

So onwards and upwards now, I have a competition planned for the end of this month, not sure who I’m taking yet. My teaching is going great with a few of my pupils doing very well in competition. Maddy, an eight year old girl whom I have been teaching for 6 months is doing great since taking on loan Beau Supreme, a former pony of Phoebe Peters. She just recently gained 80% at Carol Hoggs Under 21’s show, making her Overall Champion. What stars!!

Tomorrow I’m off to Cheltenham Races and I can’t wait! It’s my first ever races and the outfit is planned, no tweed though so not sure I’ll fit in!!

Will keep you updated  as to how all that goes!

Bye for now x x